Fix High Impressions + No Clicks: Organic CTR

Are you getting a great number of impressions but your click-through rate (CTR) is very low? There could be a few reasons for it and this post is here to help you.

Before worrying too much, you should consider how your pages rank for those impressions.

In fact, if your CTR is less than 1% but your average page position is above 100 than that is just perfectly normal.

Now, if your site is still in the early stages of its life just continue posting content as scheduled and let Google do its dance. There is no point in making changes now as you still don’t have enough data to evaluate. Your CTR will most probably start increasing as your average position goes down.

If your site has got some history to it and none of your pages are ranking in good spots then you should really focus on your content production before worrying about CTR. Some of my other posts may be of interest to you.

This is how this website is doing and it’s just perfectly normal for a brand new site.

statistics showing normal impressions CTR and clicks for a new website or blog
I don’t mean it to show off 🙂

However, if your average position is much lower and the clicks are not coming through than there is clearly an issue that need to be adressed.

This might really mean that you are not doing a good job at “inviting” people in.

In this case, the problem with a low CTR lies in one or all of the following:

  • Titles
  • Meta description (the snippet of text below the titles)
  • Domain name

Improving Titles and Meta Description

Titles and meta descriptions are two things that you can easily improve. If you use WordPress, for example, you can download the free “Yoast SEO” plugin to help you with that.

To check how your pages are showing up in the SERP, or search engine results pages, you can google: site: This will let you see all the content that Google has picked up from your site.

Before you start reviewing your titles and meta descriptions, however, you should consider how the results are shown in the SERP.

Remember that:

  • page titles are limited to 70 characters including the spaces
  • when a title is longer than 70 characters Google will show a complete word and replace the rest with some dots
  • the meta description will show to a limit of 156 characters including spaces.
  • if you write more than 156 characters then it will try to fit as many complete words possible and again replace the rest with …

Try to be as informative and appealing with the space that Google gives you as this is the only chance you get to make a good impression.

Also, look at what your competition is doing with their titles and meta descriptions. You can use a tool such as SEMrush to do a complete evaluation and to better understand what’s working for them.

Remember that changes are not immediate as Google takes time to refresh its index and the Search Console is always a couple of days behind on the stats.

Domain Name Issue

If your domain name just “doesn’t sound right” for the type of content you are trying to rank for then you should really consider a complete change of URL.

This can be done quite easily but just remember that there is a “right way of doing it”. You cannot just point your site to a different URL and expect things to go well. If you do so you are going to lose all your hard earned traffic and authority in a matter of seconds!

To migrate to a new domain name your current site should be kept up and running for a while and all the pages permanently redirected. Technically, 301 redirects are the way to go.

If you just shut down your current site everything will go missing and the new url will be really seen as fresh one, which is the same as starting from scratch.

The drawback is that there is really no other way than to subscribe to a new hosting plan such as Bluehost to get a new domain and web space.



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