How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Blog

Choosing a good domain name for your blog or your website can be a daunting task. The possibilities from which to choose are just infinite. If your first idea is already then the task may seem even harder.

I’ll show you how to come up with a great domain name without losing too much time. Read ’till the end for the best advice you can get on this matter.

Lets Start With Some of The Basics. (Skip Through If You Are Already a Ninja on The Technical Stuff)

What is a domain name? A domain name is made out of two parts: the name and the extensions.

For example: getsilasonline is the domain name of my blog and .com is the extension

The domain name is like the address of your house on the internet. Your blog has to have a one in order to exist in the digital space.

Where can I buy a domain? You can buy a domain from a domain registrar company and one that is registered with ICANN, which is the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers.

For example you could try Namecheap or GoDaddy

You could also get your domain name directly from a reputable hosting company such as Bluehost. In this case, you’ll be able to keep track of both the domain and the web space in one place.

What is the difference between a site’s name and a domain name? The domain name is the URL of your online property while the name of your blog is something you can easily change within the dashboard of any content platform. The two can be exact matches or be something completely different.

For example, you could register the domain as and call your site White. You could also take a similar approach to mine. Take a look at this:

a screen capture showing how the site identity, or the name of the blog, differs from the domain name

As you can see, the first line of text (in purple) is the title of one of my posts followed by the title of the blog itself: Get Silas Online. The domain name is As you can see I went for an exact match between the two.

How to choose a good domain name

I firmly believe in the personal branding type of websites and blogs as I tend to put my name in everything I do. This is because I want to build a true relationship with my readers. I’m not afraid of what other people may or may not think and I stay true to myself. However, this was not so, for example, when I was in my 20s.

If you want to promote yourself as an expert in some field I think that there is no better way than showing who you are. After all, if people don’t trust you then they are never going to become your loyal customers.

However, I know that this is not the only way of choosing a domain name. You don’t have to go if that’s your name to own a good domain.

I owned websites in the past in which my name did not show up at all in the address and I still feel that they were good picks anyway.

I did some research for you on this subject and in this article, I’m going to summarize all the best info I could find. If you keep this in mind then I’m sure that your domain name will not only be good but great!

1. Your Name

As we have discussed, if the blog is about you and what you have to offer then you can’t go wrong by registering a domain with your name in it.

2. Your Company or Your Product

If your blog is written around an existing company or a specific product then your best bet is to stick with what you already have.

3. Your Niche

If you defined the perfect niche for your blog you can pick a domain name that gives a sense of what the blog is going to be about. For example, if your going to write about traveling with dogs a good domain name would be

Still don’t know what to pick? Try Flame domain to get some cool ideas.

I have also written a post on how to choose the name of a blogthat includes some other links to free “name generators” you can use.

How to choose the domain extension

If you are planning to write in English then the .com is for sure the best option. However, it’s not the only extension available. My Italian blog is on .it because its what Italian readers expect a website to be based on.

If you are focusing your content on a specific location then the country code specific extensions could be your best option. For example .it for Italy, .au for Australia, and .uk for the United Kingdom.

Some newer extensions that you can use include: .accountants, .business, .city, .digital, .social.

Although you can get some domains that sound very good with these type of extensions I personally like the old fashioned .com. It’s just more practical and definitely works better.

Finishing a domain with .com is what the majority of people cleared to do and its easier to remember.

8 Best Tips For Choosing the domain name

1. Choose a .COM

If the .com is available and you are not focusing on a specific location with your niche there is nothing to think about: Choose .com

2. Avoid Hyphens

Avoid hyphens. They look bad and people do not remember where they go. If is taken (I’m sure it is 🙂 ) I would not try but I would think of something different.

3. Avoid Numbers would just be a silly choice unless its something related to your content or your niche.

4. Don’t go over three keywords with your name. Short is Better. it’s difficult to read and to remember. People will eventually mistype the name or misspell it.

5. Easy to Remember

Choose a name that is easy to remember and to say. Imagine yourself on the phone talking with me. Would I be able to type your domain correctly if you told me what it was?Spelling not allowed.

7. Available on other Media

If you plan to start social media accounts for your blog you should check if the name is available. Your brand must be only one across all channels, otherwise, it gets confusing. Sticking to one name will ensure that your authority doesn’t get diluted.

8. Avoid Copyright Issues

Don’t be tempted to use well-established brand names on new domain extensions.

To Sum Up

If you follow the simple tips above you are going to pick a hell of a domain name. Remember that your domain is one of the first things that people see in the search results. As my mom used to say: “try to make a good impression!”

You may choose a domain name that is memorable, or catchy or then again something that tells me immediately who you are.

However, if there is one thing I learned from all the websites I have launched in the past is this:

Your content matters a lot more than your domain name! When you’ll gain momentum on the internet your visitors will eventually make sense of (almost) anything you choose. Indeed, you should see the domain name as an empty container that you are going to fill up with time.

Does getsilasonline make sense to you? Probably not, but let me know what you think in the comments.

Try to start with the right foot but don’t overthink it!

Once you found a few domain names you particularly like, test them in the lookup tool in Bluehost to see if they are available and register the one you prefer.

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Blog


My name is Silas and I'm an Italian civil engineer with a passion for online marketing. I even got a university degree on the subject, just for the sake of it. Through my wins and failures, I gained valuable info that will help you succeed at blogging. Stay tuned. Leave a comment below and share this post if you liked it.

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