The Top 10 Ways To End A Blog Post

a blogger typed ready to be published after the last sentence of an article

I am sure you are aware about how to structure a compelling article. And that is: Have an awesome intro. Craft a body that drives all your points powerfully home. Draft an ending that nudges your readers to take the action you want. Now: I want us to speak about the last point: how to end a blog post. You … Read More

What is RSS?

what is RSS? This is the icon that points to the RSS feed

RSS basically stands for Really Simple Syndication and it’s also referred to as Rich Site Summary. Simple? Rich? Does this make sense to you? Probably not but it really isn’t that complicated. The way we normally surf the web is by either using search engines to point us to what we are looking for or going to our favorite blogs … Read More

Social Warfare Review: WordPress Plugin for Social Shares

best wordpress plugins for sharing on social networks

One of the major aims for any online business these days is to garner a nice amount of social sharing as this can bring in some heavy traffic. Some bloggers have seen exponential growth only thanks to one of their posts going viral on social media. How nice would that be!? More likely, a good amount of social sharing increases … Read More

Blog Hosting Reviews: What’s best for your Blog (2019)?

blog hosting review: what alternatives do you have?

You and I know that your host company can make or break you.             In short, all your efforts to craft delicious content and rank for your target keywords will be in vain if your hosting provider messes up your site. In fact, nothing will make you lose credibility as fast as when your readers keep finding your blog down. Bottom-line: … Read More

How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog

how to find and hire writers for a blog

To succeed as a blogger, you need to be loved. But there are no chocolates, rose flowers, or coffee dates here. Instead, the surest way to your reader’s hearts is your content. And from my experience, your writing prowess can quickly lift your blog to another league. But as it happens, we’re talented differently and not everyone will be a … Read More

Aweber Review: Email Marketing for Bloggers

AWeber review

The numbers tell it all… 4400% ROI. $44 for each $1 spent. That’s how lucrative email marketing is. And of course, numbers don’t lie… To me, email marketing is the goose that lays the golden eggs and every blogger should try it. But like everything else, there’s the right way of doing it. And it starts with having the right … Read More

Why Start a Blog? 10 Reasons You Should Start Today!

should you own a personal blog?. I'll give you 10 reasons to start one today, It just may be one of those great decisions you make in your life

I can’t get enough of movies. I especially love comedies and I’ve watched tons of them. One of my all-time favorites is Peter Berg’s 1998 classic, Very Bad Things because of the comical decision-making throughout the film. You see, four of Kyle Fisher’s (Jon Favreau) friends throw him a smashing bachelor’s party as he’s marrying soon. They sadly kill a … Read More

Should I Advertise With Google AdSense on My Blog?

Is Adwords a good way to monetize a blog?

If you’re like me, you could be struggling to decide whether Adsense is really worth it. You see, when I started blogging, I was only sure of one thing: That I wanted to make money. I wanted to be able to decide how to invest my time, which is the most valuable of all things. But to get there I … Read More

Is Blogging Dead in 2019?

is blogging dead?

As usual, the caustic question concerning the alleged demise of a branch of web marketing arrives, punctually like the payment of VAT. Every year some people want us to believe that SEO has passed away, email marketing is on the brink of death and so are blogs and the whole lot. Fortunately, this is not the case. But still, every … Read More

10 Successful Blogs in Various Niches

10 blog ideas

If you are looking to make money with your blog you should make sure to select a niche that will prove to be profitable in the long run. The common advice out there is that if you want to start a blog you should base it on a niche you love. Indeed, they all say that this is the key … Read More