How to Start a Successful Blog (2019)

finding the path in a maze to reach the final objective

This is the beginning of your journey. Your very first step to becoming a professional blogger: Starting a successful blog of your own. In this article, I’m going to guide you through the process of setting up the best foundations for a new blog. These foundations need to be rock-solid so that you won’t be forced to make frustrating changes … Read More

How to Find a Profitable Niche For Your Blog

find the niche for you business

If you are seriously thinking of starting a profitable blog you cannot skip the step of defining a niche. As obvious as it may seem it’s the reason why a lot of new blogs fail. What does this mean? Basically, you have to decide what type of information you are going to offer to your readers. If you mess this … Read More

Adsense Fix: Valuable Inventory No Content

There are several hacks you can try if you’re a Google Adsense user and you have encountered the annoying valuable inventory: no content error. First, the error indicates that there’s an issue with your content. And as you know, Google is all about providing helpful content to web visitors. This means that you really have no shortcut other than working … Read More

Adsense Fix: Valuable Inventory under construction

This has happened to many of us: You excitedly apply for Adsense only to for Google to throw your application out with a baffling valuable inventory: under construction policy violation error message. Or, you have all along been display ads then one morning To say that it’s frustrating is an understatement. But is it the end of your dream to … Read More

Adsense Fix: Valuable Inventory Scraped Content

Let’s face it: While there can be money in Adsense, it’s hard to make anything meaningful if you’re habitually cutting corners particularly when it comes to content. In fact, Google quickly fires the rejection message valuable inventory: scraped content to your inbox if you dare apply for approval for a site with just a single “stolen” article. You can actually … Read More

How to Start a Weight Loss Blog (2019)

a very fit woman running and exercising

Perhaps now is the best time for you to start a weight loss, fitness type blog. Why? Well, according to Wikipedia, a third of the world is overweight. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has actually labeled obesity a worldwide epidemic! And the truth is, a majority of the over 2.1 billion overweight adults have camped online. Looking for solutions. And … Read More

How to Start a Music Blog (2019)

a man playing music with the guitar

I know that this will sound like music to your ears: There is good money in music blogging. And the figures tell the full story. Look: According to this report, the industry generated a staggering US$19.1 billion as revenue. Then, and perhaps more importantly for you, online music services have been growing at a blistering pace with streaming services reportedly … Read More

Fix High Impressions + No Clicks: Organic CTR

Are you getting a great number of impressions but your click-through rate (CTR) is very low? There could be a few reasons for it and this post is here to help you. Before worrying too much, you should consider how your pages rank for those impressions. In fact, if your CTR is less than 1% but your average page position … Read More

How To Start a Book Blog (2019)

a woman critically examining a book from the inside

So you consider yourself a bookworm? I am one so we make good company. I don’t know your favorite genre but for me, I find money and motivational reads amazing. You know, anything which bears the names such as Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, and Andrew Carnegie, will make my day anytime. I am sure you’ve your own idols. I, however, … Read More

What are the Best Fonts for Blogs?

all the alphabet written in a particular font

Let me now ask you… Have you ever opened a blog then found yourself hastily leaving because you felt it’s too difficult to read? Most of us have. You see, you land on the site, click on the headline hungrily only to be welcomed by fancy looking fonts that are pure torture for your eyes. Of course, you’re gone in … Read More

How to Come Up With a Blog Name + Free Tools

A blogger writing "Hello, my name is" on a typing machine

The name of your blog can mean so much. You see, since it’s often the first detail of your blogging business that your visitors will notice, it needs to set the right tone. Let me clarify that there’s no right or wrong blog name. But don’t be too obscure. Let’s look at a few illustrations: Google? – by the way … Read More

How to Write Your First Blog Post

a beginner is writing his first words

Word Press installation = Tick. Cute theme = Tick. Blog layout = Tick. Next in line: your first blog post… What a moment, what a feeling. And you’re really pumped up and ready to drop your very first article online. You can even imagine your readers excitedly sharing your blog post, one after another. Well, it can happen BUT you … Read More