Adsense Fix: Valuable Inventory under construction

This has happened to many of us:

You excitedly apply for Adsense only to for Google to throw your application out with a baffling valuable inventory: under construction policy violation error message.

Or, you have all along been display ads then one morning

To say that it’s frustrating is an understatement.

But is it the end of your dream to earn something from Adsense?

Not really.

Let’s first understand what this crazy error means..

Now, the valuable inventory: under construction policy violation error message simply implies that Google bots aren’t yet convinced that your site is complete.

And isn’t ready to serve ads.

Causes of the valuable inventory: under construction issue

Of course, Google can be mean and typically doesn’t bother to explain the specifics.

Nevertheless, it’s important that you understand what causes this fault before attempting to solve it.

  • You have made some changes to the site pending approval: I once got rejected with this policy violation warning after tweaking my website while waiting for their approval.
  • Some of your pages are a work in progress (WIP): You may encounter this challenge if the Adsense crawler discovers that you’re still working on certain website pages.
  • Showing Ads on maintenance and 404 pages: You might occasionally run into this difficulty if you’re serving ads on your “under maintenance” or 404 redirect pages.
  • Non-responsive theme: Majority of internet users now use mobile devices and Google expects that your website is mobile responsive. A rigid theme might hence tell Mr. G that you’re still building your site!
  • Very few blog posts: Google isn’t happy as well happy if your blog has a low number of published posts and will conclude that you’re in the process of uploading more articles.
  • To skinny posts: Even then, you’ll suffer the same fate if you habitually post articles less than 500 words long (Average for most approved sites is 300-1000 words).
  • Your site is very young: For the most part, Google approves sites which are at least 6 months old so younger sites could be denied approval with the above error message.
  • Missing essential pages:  The absence of crucial pages like contact me, disclaimer, privacy policy, and about me could affect.

How to fix the valuable inventory: under construction problem

Try the following..

  1. Don’t make any changes to your theme, site layout, or plugins after submitting your blog to Adsense for approval. Such modifications are enough signs that you’re not yet ready.
  2. Only apply for Google approval once you’re done with all the pages including the essentials like the above-mentioned disclaimer and about me.
  3. Stop showing adverts on your 404 and maintenance pages. Just remove the code from these two.
  4. Replace your current theme with an appealing mobile-ready theme.
  5. Update your content. Add more articles and make sure that all are at the worst, 500 words long and of outstanding quality. If possible, upload a new article every 2-3 days.


Anybody can find him/herself in Google Adsense’s dreaded naughty list so don’t panic if it happens.

All you need is implement the above hacks and reapply.

Some of us succeeded after countless rejections so keep working and retrying.

I am sure that you will eventually triumph.

Good luck.



My name is Silas and I'm an Italian civil engineer with a passion for online marketing. I even got a university degree on the subject, just for the sake of it. Through my wins and failures, I gained valuable info that will help you succeed at blogging. Stay tuned. Leave a comment below and share this post if you liked it.

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