Adsense Fix: Valuable Inventory No Content

There are several hacks you can try if you’re a Google Adsense user and you have encountered the annoying valuable inventory: no content error.

First, the error indicates that there’s an issue with your content.

And as you know, Google is all about providing helpful content to web visitors.

This means that you really have no shortcut other than working on improving your articles, if it’s true that you have shallow or rehashed content.

Regarding this, I recommend that you implement the following:

A. Make sure you have published enough blog posts on your website

If you’re yet to, try adding more incisive content before you reapply for AdSense.

Well, Google doesn’t mention how many articles are sufficient so we can just say a reasonable number.

In my case, I wait until I post at least 20 before approaching them, each at least 500 words long.

And Google hates duplicated content so it’s going to be way much easier for you if you can concentrate on unique topics.

B. Check the formatting of your content

Now, you could be having the greatest content on Earth yet you receive the valuable inventory: no content error.


Formatting, my friend!


If, for example, you don’t use headers, bullets, numbers, and free/own images to break up huge text segments, Google bots might view your content as too complicated to read.

They will then conclude that placing Ads there is meaningless as your visitors will hardly spend long on such pages and subsequently brand such posts ‘no content’.

Can you thus go back to your site and try to upgrade on your posts presentation?

Also, make sure you’re using friendly fonts.

C. Remove or add content to blank pages and other problematic sections

Well, I find some bloggers quite hilarious.

For some reason, somebody creates a page, downloads an image from somewhere, goes ahead to insert a caption, and voila! They rush to Adsense expecting approval.

Let’s be honest…it doesn’t work that way.

If your website is just packed full of captions and pictures, then you very well know that you have zero content in the eyes of Google.

In fact, some images, such as those you often see on Pinterest never appear on Google’s search results unless accompanied by tags and human comments.

Here you obviously understand what to do to get approval so can you get down to work?

But I should add that Adsense will have problems showcasing Ads on pages whose content is hidden behind a login.

Fortunately, we have a workaround:

If you have posts needing a login, simply install a crawler login to allow the bots to crawl such articles.

This should eliminate your site’s ‘No content’ policy violations.

D. Validate your domains

As it turns out, some people try to fool the system by using other publisher’s keys meaning that domains you have no idea about can show Adsense ads under your own account.

You could be a victim is such sites are themselves violating set rules.

To discard the violation, you should enable authorization on your account for your verified domains as follows:

  1. Go to Settings then click My Sites.
  2. Choose Overview.
  3. Click on Site Authorization (in the menu).
  4. On the subsequent popup, drag to on the button under ‘only allow verified sites to use my ad code’.


These fixes have worked for some of our bloggers so there is a fair chance that you could also get rid of the frustrating valuable inventory: no content error.

In addition, to be on the safe side, make sure that all the crucial pages are already in place.

These include the privacy policy, disclaimer statement, about me, and contact page.

Lastly, don’t panic if you get a fresh rejection on reapplying.

Just keep working and improving.

Some of us succeeded after so many attempts!

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