Who is Silas?

I’m an italian civil engineer and apart from liking everything that is complicated I have passion for marketing and especially for online marketing. I even took a master’s degree on the subject just because. Ok, so getsilasonline is the place where I share information about the strategies I used to scale and grow my business using the web, so that you may start your journey to success as well. Whatever success means to you. For me it was not having to depend from anybody as I could never stand my bosses (I always had some issues with authority). It took some hard work and some strong headaches but I was able to make it. I started my engineering firm from scratch a few years ago and I could not have made it without a blog and the possibilities that it creates. I was able to find my own space in a market ruled by old technicians. Now I set other goals for myself in the near future: helping others with getsilasonline, improving my english (I haven’t used it in a looong while), and create other opportunities for myself in the process. Let’s see where this journey will bring us.

Who is NOT Silas?

I’m not an online guru of any sort. I have no simple technique to teach or to share that will make you rich tomorrow. I know a lot of “gurus” try to sell you that idea but I’m proudly not as good as them 🙂 . Unfortunately, everything that worked for me required a lot of time on my part to set up and improve. So if you are not prepared to invest some time and a litte money in the project I don’t think it’s going to work out for you.

Who are you?

This blog is not just about me but about you as well. After all I’m making this blog to share my experience and if you are interested in what I have to say we most probably have something in common. Before starting my first business I was very unsatisfied about my work life. I worked a 9 to XX job in which I wasn’t happy. My boss was a real pain in the butt 🙂 and I just couldn’t stand him. I was the one solving the client’s problems but he was taking all the compliments and the money. No gratifications whatsoever for me. It came a time where I just couldn’t stand it anymore and I took a leap of faith. I didn’t know what I was doing really. I just knew that I wanted to change my life. Do you see yourself in this? Trust me, the solution is out there but it just may be that you don’t see it yet. If I was able to do make it starting from scratch I’m sure that others can do too. Starting my business has been the best decision I ever made. I hope this blog will inspire you to try and make a real change in you life.

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